Becky Kramer’s Brother – Rocking Out at Bar Lubitsch

Who the Heck is Becky Kramer’s Brother?

This Saturday Becky Kramer’s Brother put on an awesome show at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood.   The crowd really got into the music that we all know and love from growing up.  Songs from Foo Fighters, Everclear, Sugar Ray, and even Hanson.  My good friend Heinz Healey is one of the guitarists and also sings some of their songs.  He definitely knows how to get the crowd on their feet, throwing their hands in the air and screaming the lyrics.  This was my first chance photographing them and I had a blast.   I’ll definitely be going to more of their shows and trying to capture the moments with my camera.  Hope these photos entice you to come relive 90’s music by the #1 party band I’ve ever heard.  To see when and where they play next, check out their facebook page.



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