Eye Photography Tips

Brent Goldman Photography

Model’s Name | Pam

Date | 9.21.2013

Yesterday I made a new friend, Pam Bullock.   Pam is an actress and you can see her website here.   We spent about twenty minutes taking eye photographs.  It wasn’t difficult to take photographs of her eyes, because they are so rich in detail and color.  I love the yellow color that waves around her iris like a sunflower.

One of the macro eye photography tips I try to keep in mind while taking photographs is light positioning.  Depending on the artistic view you are going for with your photograph, the reflection of light and light source makes a big difference.  Another tip is dealing with harsh light.  For these photographs I used a small softbox to diffuse the bare flash.  I also tried positioning it on the sides of her face.  This allowed more of the iris to be visible.

Hope you enjoy!

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