Print and Mount Options

We recommend two print options at Brent Goldman Photography, a Direct to Metal print and an Acrylic print.  Each print option was carefully selected to beautifully display the photographs in a modern, striking manner.

We also offer wood framing options. Please contact us for more information at

Acrylic Example

Direct to Metal Print

The first option is a direct to metal print.  This method infuses the color dyes directly onto specially coated aluminum.  The metal print surface will be high gloss to provide the most brilliant and luminous colors.  Metal also provides excellent archival qualities that exceeds traditional photo papers.

This method of printing will be processed through a trusted online printing lab.  A proof of the print will be inspected by Brent Goldman Photography before the final order is placed.

Direct to Metal



Metal Prints float a full 1 1/4″ off the wall for a more dramatic affect for your photos. On all sizes our floats come within 2″ of the print edge giving best in industry support and float depth

1.25-inch Float


Acrylic Print

The second option has the photograph printed onto Lumachrome paper and then face mounted to 1/8″ acrylic, (1/4″ is optional).  Lumachrome prints surpass other printing paper bringing unbelievable resolution, clarity, and vibrancy. A 6mm backing is applied to encapsulate the image and provide stability.  Acrylic provides an amazing near 3-D effect making the image come alive.  Paired with Lumachrome paper, you have the ultimate viewing experience.  Acrylic allows the light to bounce around through the surface to allow the image to glow.  Museums often choose acrylic over glass for the superior clarity.  It also is water-resistant and will resist breakage.

This method of printing will be processed through a trusted online printing lab.  A proof of the print will be inspected by Brent Goldman Photography before the final order is placed.

 option 3


 A 1.375″  recessed mount is used for all acrylic prints.  It gives your piece a “floating look” where the work is suspended away from the wall. This hanging technique is very stable against unintentional movements or vibration.



We prefer to work directly with our clients instead of automating the sale of our prints.  The  “Request a Quote” form can be found on each gallery page under “The Work”.  Once we figure out the print sizes and print options of interest, we will be happy to send an estimate of the price.


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Sales Tax

Brent Goldman Photography is based in Houston, Texas.  All orders shipped within the state of Texas will be charged a 8.25% sales tax.

Shipping Guarantee

We insure and guarantee safe shipping.   Prints usually ship within 1-2 weeks using FedEx or UPS.  Certain print packages that are large in size may require freight shipment at an additional cost.

Returns and Refunds

No refunds and/or cancellations.  However, any items damaged or lost in shipping will of course be replaced free of charge.

Privacy Policy

All prints, products, and digital files provided by Brent Goldman Photography are protected under copyright of Brent Goldman Photography. This copyright is non-transferrable. Purchase of prints, products, or digital files does not signify a transfer of ownership of any copyrights. Please also adhere to the U.S. Copyright Act, in your usage of photographic prints and products, outlined below:

The U.S. Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code) is designed to protect photographers and other artists by granting them the exclusive right to distribute, copy, edit and publish their photography by license, transfer, or sale. The Copyright Act prohibits anyone from copying, scanning, editing or sharing photographic prints, images, or media without the written permission of the photographer. Violation of the Copyright Act can incur both civil and criminal penalties.