Portraits of Actress Ashley Brown in LA

Striking a Pose

Over the weekend, I met up with Ashley Brown, an actress, to take photographs around LA.  We started the day off at Union Station where the lighting was amazing.  Ashley became popular fast; anyone with a camera was trying to snap a pic of her.  She didn’t let the crowds throw off her seemingly effortless poses though.  It seemed, with every picture she looked more beautiful.  After having fun in Union Station, we drove around downtown until we found an area that was probably a bit too dangerous for the feint of heart.  Luckily I have mastered the art of karate and had my trusty sidekick Marc Rothman around to ward off any trouble.  We took several more photos in the streets as the sun entered the “golden hour”.  We all had a great day and I look forward to shooting with Ashley again.



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