Stunning Macro Eye Photography

Brent Goldman Photography

Model’s Name | Karen

Date | 9.15.2013

On Sunday, I met with Karen.  She is one of my close friends and was excited about the opportunity to see her eyes up close.  I was probably much more excited because she has beautiful light blue-green eyes.  We spent about an hour taking photographs of her brilliant eyes while taking some breaks to watch Sunday NFL football.  We looked through the photos together on the back of the camera and we were both really impressed with several of them.  The hardest part of taking macro photos is making sure you get what you want in focus.  With macro eye photography, you also have to deal with a blinking, moving eye.  The depth-of-field is so small that taking a breath can throw off the focus.  A couple quick eye photography tips are to:

1) Fire a pre-flash so your subject’s eye blinks prior to the main flash firing.

2) Use a very small aperture if shooting the eyes from an angle, such as f/32.  This will allow the largest depth-of-field and keep more of the iris in focus.

Hope you enjoy!

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